Have a look at my work and my own projects.

Rarebyte OG / Audi AG

Rewrite of Java based REST services and migration to the AWS Cloud.

After analyzing the existing solution we decided to rewrite the services with state of the art technology. The old implementation lacked the use of industry standards and did not include tests to ensure function of their mostly self written framework.

The REST services are used by Unity based apps.

While rewriting the customer was heavily involved so we could improve and extend the solution including a management web app (Angular), that can handle all administrative tasks.



  • Analysis of >5 year old massively fragmented backend solution without any tests
  • Rewrite decision
  • AWS Cloud infrastructure design and architecture - Infrastructure as code
  • Management frontend architecture
  • REST Service architecture
  • Consulting and requirements engineering
  • Full stack development
  • DevOps
  • Communication with technical and specialist customer employees

Used frameworks, techniques and tools:

Angular 11+ with Angular Material, Spring Boot 2.x (Core, Security, Data), Java 11, JUnit 5, Docker, AWS Cloud (CloudFormation, Elastic Container Service (Fargate), Elastic Container Registry, Route53, CloudFront, S3, SES, SNS, Certificate Manager, RDS (MySQL 8)), Github SCM, Github Actions for CI, Github Packaging for private maven dependencies, Intellij Idea, Postman, HackNPlan


On Going

Graz University of Technology

Internal platform for the digital transformation of document delivery processes.

The university’s departments access the platform using SSO (SAML2), upload their documents, give some additional data and have constant feedback on how their delivery is processed.

Moreover, the platform helps archive management to keep track of these deliveries and integrate the data with a specialized software “ActaPro” not intended to be accessible to department users.


  • Software design and architecture
  • Consulting
  • Full stack development
  • DevOps
  • Communication with technical, specialist stuff and end users to get the best solution for all stakeholders.

Used frameworks, techniques and tools
Angular 12+ with Angular Material, Spring Boot 2.x (Core, Security, Data), Docker and Docker Swarm, Nginx, MySQL 8, Github SCM, Github Actions for CI, Github Packaging for private maven dependencies

Part-time on going

Senacor Technologies / Bawag P.S.K

Cash payout application for the Austrian bank Bawag P.S.K used by employees of the austrian postal services (Post AG) on their counters. The solution integrates with the bank’s core banking system and the counters system software to be able to use Barcode scanner, ID scanner and receipt printers.


  • Software design and architecture
  • Full stack development
  • Knowledge transfer to junior team members
  • Technical consulting on system integration
  • Presentation and communication with customer
  • Preparing tasks and sprints
  • Technical Documentation

Used frameworks, techniques and tools
Angular 7, Angular Material, Spring Boot 2.x, Spring Security, JUnit 5, Gradle, Gitlab, Jira, Confluence, Redhat Linux cluster


  • Team Conductor
  • Progressive web app, Android app and iOS

    We support all major platforms.
    Find your apps in the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store

  • Our event module

    with attendance count, ready to review who attended.

  • Our finance module

    Manage your statements with receipts, create a zip file or a single pdf with all your collected receipts for the yearly cash audit. In minutes!

Team Conductor

Managing your club or association was never easier. Communicate with your members using short messages, emails, letters, and conduct surveys. Be ahead of your finances and manage events knowing who have to attend.

I am the creator and developer of the whole project. Over a period of 1.5 years, I created a multi-tenant web platform (PWA), Android and iOS apps, a product website (English and German), social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook).

Technology and Frameworks

Java 8, Spring Framework, Hibernate, SQL, Restful API, OAuth2, JWT, Cors, TypeScript, Angular 6+, Capacitor, RxJS, GIT, Bitbucket, Jira, PDF manipulation, Excel and Word file generation, iCal, vCard.


We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) as our hosting provider. TC uses services like Elastic Beanstalk, RDS, SES (Transactional email), SQS (Queue), SNS (Notifications), S3 (Storage), EFS (Network Storage), and CloudFront.

  • Great product and great team

MUM - Masters Everything

Master Data Management solution. I worked for and developed MUM for 9 years. As a software architect in a small but very experienced team we build a great, very generic product running on multiple databases. I was also responsible for bringing the application to Azure app services and integrate it with various authentication providers like SAML 2 (ADFS) and OAuth2 (Azure AD).

Technology and Frameworks

Java 5-8, Spring MVC, Spring Java Config, Spring Security, LDAP, Kerberos, Active Directory, SAML2, Azure AD (OAuth2), GWT, Vaadin, JSP+JSTL, JQuery, Camunda BPM, Eclipse BIRT, Hibernate, Liquibase, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Gradle, Git, SVN, JVM based Scripting JavaScript Rhino+Nashorn, Groovy, Azure App Services, New Relic APM, Tomcat 6-8.5, Apache Http 2.x


  • Github activity

    Github activity

    I currently create plugins for Ionic Capacitor. I use my experience with open source and OAuth and give something back to the community.

Open Source Work

Everybody uses open source technologies for their work, but few give something back. As a freelancer, that's not so easy to do, but I'll try to at least report issues and eventually create some useful stuff for others.


Java, TypeScript, Swift 4+ , JavaScript, Capacitor, ChartJS 2.x, Vaadin 6-8, Fluent API style, Mark down, Github, GIT, XML and JSON generation, documentation, Readme, project management

Current Projects

Capacitor OAuth2 ... Simple and generic plugin for Capacitor letting you configure providers instead of having to integrate with all the SDKs
Capacitor FileSharer ... Downloading files
Capacitor SMS ... Sending SMS on Android