Hi, my name is Michael Oberwasserlechner.
I'm a senior fullstack developer and agile software architect from Austria doing contract work & freelancing.


Resume/Curriculum vitae.pdf (updated September 2023)

Full Stack Project Setup

Let's jump-start your project!

I'm a lead full stack developer. I can help you setting up your hybrid app project with Angular and Capacitor, agile planning environment (e.g. in Jira) and your RESTful backend using Java technologies.

With my help your project will have a robust and secure setup other developers can easily work with.

Upgrades & Performance

Do you have an old or outdated application built with Java, Spring, EJBs or Hibernate for a relational database but fear to upgrade? I can help you understand the challenges of an upgrade or do it for you.

I have refactored and maintained an enterprise web application with these frameworks for more than 9 years. Only with constant refactoring and upgrading such a product can survive.

I am an expert in Hibernate and relational databases, and I have worked with SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL. I know the pitfalls and can help your application get a performance boost.

Authentication & Security

I integrated LDAP, MS Active Directory, Kerberos, SAML 2 (ADFS) and various OAuth2 providers including Azure AD into new and existing Java and TypeScript software solutions.

I also created stateless authentication mechanisms using JWT widely used when developing against RESTful APIs.

I have a deep understanding of these technologies and always build easy-to-configure and maintainable software parts.

Reading and Writing Files

I can build nearly every layout by using a small set of Java libraries. I am most experienced in creating PDF and Excel files.

I have been building solutions for universities like grade sheets, diploma supplements, invoices for SaaS projects, list exports with images or full blown company reports with shares and shareholders.

Besides generating files, reading existing ones, and manipulating them is also part of my work.